CVNP Weekend: Day 1

While I've been keeping my hiking pretty local (except for last year's holiday in Scotland), I have happily followed other Instagram accounts that show people exploring other areas of the country, especially in the National Parks. One person who has become a good friend in the past year is Linda, also known as The Bucket … Continue reading CVNP Weekend: Day 1


Hiking the Hemlock Loop

With my work schedule expanding throughout the week lately, I've found it difficult to get away for a morning of hiking during the week. This week, though, I had a whole day wide open, and since the snow seemed to be disappearing and my knees felt stronger, I thought I would head out early and … Continue reading Hiking the Hemlock Loop

Mill Creek Park

As you might have gathered, I fully support the concept of metroparks, areas of green space scattered throughout metropolitan areas, both to preserve natural beauties and vibrant ecosystems and to provide recreational spaces for local inhabitants. Most of my metropark explorations have been in the Summit Metro Parks and the southern areas of the Cleveland … Continue reading Mill Creek Park