Spring Has Sprung!

Lately, I've felt the pull to get out on the trail even more than ever. While the trees starting budding a few weeks ago, the colors have started popping even more now that the flowers are blooming. So here are a few photos from recent hikes and walks taken solely for the purpose of enjoying … Continue reading Spring Has Sprung!


CVNP Weekend: Day 2

Day 2 of our CVNP adventure started off mostly overcast, with the occasional pale sliver of sun peeking through. And knowing how much Linda loves rocks, I knew our first stop had to be the Ledges at Virginia Kendall Park. Right away, Linda fell in love with the sandstone ledges, covered in lush green moss … Continue reading CVNP Weekend: Day 2

Sunrises and Second Chances

While I've been busy picking away at my hiking goals for the year, I have also tried to get back to some of the parks and trails I enjoyed the first time around in order to discover them in a different season. And when I've been really lucky, I've been able to see them at … Continue reading Sunrises and Second Chances