On the Road

Of all my hiking goals this year, I planned the biggest adventure to be a visit to Hocking Hills State Park and the surrounding area. I persuaded my best friend to go with me, and we've spent a good time of time over the past few months talking, planning, and gearing up for this trip. … Continue reading On the Road


Wetter Wonderland

Before taking on this year's hiking goals, I had not fully understood how wet a state Ohio is. Sure, we have plenty of lakes, rivers, ponds, and creeks as well as acres and acres of fertile soil. But as I've visited a variety of state nature preserves, I've started to learn a little more about … Continue reading Wetter Wonderland

Field Trip

The crazy weather and my equally crazy schedule this summer have slowed my hiking progress a bit, leaving me with only Sundays for longer expeditions. And as last week wound down, I decided that I wanted to explore somewhere both new to me and yet so very familiar. To that end, I headed north to … Continue reading Field Trip

Solid State Parks

This week I decided to focus my hiking on state parks and state nature preserves. I have so many of these locations on my hiking goals list for the year that I thought I'd better start making a dent in that list. Yesterday, I had the whole morning free and decided to return to Portage … Continue reading Solid State Parks

Wetland Wanderings

With a forecast for mild weather and a day free from work, I found myself prepared for a gorgeous day of hiking, and I decided to hit several trails all clustered together geographically -- especially three state nature preserves that have been on my radar for some time now. Thanks to photos I've seen in … Continue reading Wetland Wanderings

Time at Tinker’s Creek

While I have really enjoyed exploring so much of the Medina County Parks thus far this year, I have also wanted to get started on my other hiking goals and have been frustrated over not having enough time to explore further afield when the weather has improved. My patience finally paid off this weekend. After … Continue reading Time at Tinker’s Creek