CVNP Weekend: Day 3

Sunday morning started off grey and wet. The rain pelted our hotel window, and we dodged the raindrops as we hauled our bags back out to the car. But we had no worries: the first item on our day's agenda for exploring the CVNP involved boarding a train. At Rockside Station, we boarded the Cuyahoga … Continue reading CVNP Weekend: Day 3


CVNP Weekend: Day 2

Day 2 of our CVNP adventure started off mostly overcast, with the occasional pale sliver of sun peeking through. And knowing how much Linda loves rocks, I knew our first stop had to be the Ledges at Virginia Kendall Park. Right away, Linda fell in love with the sandstone ledges, covered in lush green moss … Continue reading CVNP Weekend: Day 2

CVNP Weekend: Day 1

While I've been keeping my hiking pretty local (except for last year's holiday in Scotland), I have happily followed other Instagram accounts that show people exploring other areas of the country, especially in the National Parks. One person who has become a good friend in the past year is Linda, also known as The Bucket … Continue reading CVNP Weekend: Day 1