Back to Brecksville

After such a slow start to my hiking year, I've been working hard to get back up to speed so I can check off a couple of hiking goals before the heat and hectic schedule of summer. And since I only had one more hiking trail to explore at Brecksville Reservation, I determined that I … Continue reading Back to Brecksville


Two Hikes at Hinckley

The year is almost a quarter over, and as the weather has warmed up, I have been trying to get out a little more to hike. Some hikes have been shorter and closer to home, but for two Sundays in a row now I have dragged my best friend out early in the morning and … Continue reading Two Hikes at Hinckley

Whipp’s Ledges

Since I discovered the ledge trails in northeast Ohio, I have slowly been working my way through the list. And since I have already visited Worden's Ledges in Hinckley Reservation (twice!), I thought it was time to check out Hinckley's other ledge trail: Whipp's Ledges. Whipp's Ledges feature the same sandstone outcroppings formed when this … Continue reading Whipp’s Ledges

Worden’s Wonders

For over 45 years of my life, I remained unaware of much of my home state's geological history. Sure, my 7th-grade history class covered how the glaciers advanced to the Terminal Moraine and retreated at the end of the Ice Age, scouring the landscape to flat fields in northwest Ohio and to ridges and valleys … Continue reading Worden’s Wonders

On the First Day of Winter

For many years, I've struggled with Christmas and finding meaningful ways to celebrate the season. I know it's supposed to be a happy time of year, but it tends to make me feel more lost than uplifted. Instead, increasingly I find myself drawn to a quiet celebration of the winter solstice, the drawing down of … Continue reading On the First Day of Winter