Spree Spirit

Having expanded my hiking horizons this year with all of my hiking goals, starting another SMP Spree this fall has opened my eyes to recognize how truly great the Summit Metro Parks are. For one thing, all the trails are well-marked and generally wide, well-traveled paths. That's not to say that they are perfectly groomed … Continue reading Spree Spirit


Sunrises and Second Chances

While I've been busy picking away at my hiking goals for the year, I have also tried to get back to some of the parks and trails I enjoyed the first time around in order to discover them in a different season. And when I've been really lucky, I've been able to see them at … Continue reading Sunrises and Second Chances

Mill Creek Park

As you might have gathered, I fully support the concept of metroparks, areas of green space scattered throughout metropolitan areas, both to preserve natural beauties and vibrant ecosystems and to provide recreational spaces for local inhabitants. Most of my metropark explorations have been in the Summit Metro Parks and the southern areas of the Cleveland … Continue reading Mill Creek Park