Mill Creek Park

As you might have gathered, I fully support the concept of metroparks, areas of green space scattered throughout metropolitan areas, both to preserve natural beauties and vibrant ecosystems and to provide recreational spaces for local inhabitants. Most of my metropark explorations have been in the Summit Metro Parks and the southern areas of the Cleveland … Continue reading Mill Creek Park


Whipp’s Ledges

Since I discovered the ledge trails in northeast Ohio, I have slowly been working my way through the list. And since I have already visited Worden's Ledges in Hinckley Reservation (twice!), I thought it was time to check out Hinckley's other ledge trail: Whipp's Ledges. Whipp's Ledges feature the same sandstone outcroppings formed when this … Continue reading Whipp’s Ledges

Field Trip

The crazy weather and my equally crazy schedule this summer have slowed my hiking progress a bit, leaving me with only Sundays for longer expeditions. And as last week wound down, I decided that I wanted to explore somewhere both new to me and yet so very familiar. To that end, I headed north to … Continue reading Field Trip