The Sounds of Summer

Sure, summer is a time of visual delights: vivid sunrises, lush green leaves on the trees, brilliantly-colored wildflowers, crowds of people at outdoor festivals. But let's not forget about the other senses. While I don't have videos to post with some of my favorite summer sounds, I'm happy to tell you more about them. In … Continue reading The Sounds of Summer

Summer, Unplugged

Yes, yes, hello there, 'tis I, back from hiatus of a sort. I haven't bothered to post about recent hikes as (A) I have stuck with the most familiar local hikes and walks when I have gone out, and (B) I have been making a conscious effort to spend less time online this summer, including … Continue reading Summer, Unplugged

Spring Has Sprung!

Lately, I've felt the pull to get out on the trail even more than ever. While the trees starting budding a few weeks ago, the colors have started popping even more now that the flowers are blooming. So here are a few photos from recent hikes and walks taken solely for the purpose of enjoying … Continue reading Spring Has Sprung!