Hocking Hills State Park

I woke early our first morning at Hocking Hills. After the previous day's hiking and a lack of adequate stretching, the muscles around my knees and ankles had seized in so much pain overnight that I barely got much sleep. But when I left the tent, I found that the lingering moisture from an overnight … Continue reading Hocking Hills State Park


Wrapping Up

As the year winds down, so, too, does my energy level. I haven't been hiking as frequently, and given the schedule for the next week or two, I doubt I will have time or energy to push any further on this year's hiking goals. So here's a wrap-up: 1. Finish trails in the Cuyahoga Valley … Continue reading Wrapping Up

Field Trip

The crazy weather and my equally crazy schedule this summer have slowed my hiking progress a bit, leaving me with only Sundays for longer expeditions. And as last week wound down, I decided that I wanted to explore somewhere both new to me and yet so very familiar. To that end, I headed north to … Continue reading Field Trip