Spring Has Sprung!

Lately, I've felt the pull to get out on the trail even more than ever. While the trees starting budding a few weeks ago, the colors have started popping even more now that the flowers are blooming. So here are a few photos from recent hikes and walks taken solely for the purpose of enjoying … Continue reading Spring Has Sprung!


Hinckley Lake

If you've wondered why this blog has remained quiet this month, it's because I have taken a breather. Illness at the holidays wiped out my energy for a few weeks, and between the cold, the snow and ice, the rising gas prices, and the need to devote more time to my business, I simply haven't … Continue reading Hinckley Lake

Sunrises and Second Chances

While I've been busy picking away at my hiking goals for the year, I have also tried to get back to some of the parks and trails I enjoyed the first time around in order to discover them in a different season. And when I've been really lucky, I've been able to see them at … Continue reading Sunrises and Second Chances

Whipp’s Ledges

Since I discovered the ledge trails in northeast Ohio, I have slowly been working my way through the list. And since I have already visited Worden's Ledges in Hinckley Reservation (twice!), I thought it was time to check out Hinckley's other ledge trail: Whipp's Ledges. Whipp's Ledges feature the same sandstone outcroppings formed when this … Continue reading Whipp’s Ledges

Made It Through Medina County!

This weekend's forecast has called for rain off and on, but when I checked this morning and found that the rain might hold off until late afternoon, I decided to take a chance and head north to walk the Chippewa Rail Trail. Another relatively flat, wide, paved trail ideal for biking, this rail trail passes … Continue reading Made It Through Medina County!