Reaching the Summit

Goodyear Heights look up-01

I enjoyed last fall’s Summit Metro Parks Fall Hiking Spree so much, getting to explore different trails and landscapes, that I made it a goal this year to finish exploring the rest of the trails in all of the parks.

Today, I can check that goal off as completed!

Goodyear Heights morning light-01

I started my day of hiking not long after sunrise, pulling into Goodyear Heights Metro Park before the sun rose over the tree line. My last trail to conquer here was the Parcours, an exercise trail much like the one I had found at Sand Run Metro Park a few weeks ago.

The trail led me up the hill straight off, into a lush wooded area with a winding path. I skipped each of the exercise stations, feeling pretty well limbered up already, and just took my time exploring. I managed to startle a few deer along the way, but on the whole I had the trail to myself and could bask in the sunshine where I found it.

Goodyear Heights couple trees-01

Less than two miles later, I finished the trail — and my hiking goal of finishing all the trails in the Summit Metro Parks! Even the tree cheered me on and flashed me the classic V for Victory sign!

That checks off the third of my hiking goals for the year — and the year’s not half over!



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