Sunrise at Silver Creek


I’m the proverbial early bird. Always have been, probably always will be, and it comes in handy in my baking work.

So it should come as no surprise that even on my days off, I am usually up before dawn and often eager to start my morning walk or hike by the time the sun makes an appearance. On days when I can spend a whole morning hiking, in fact, I will willingly leave home an hour or so before “first light” (usually half an hour before the official sunrise) to chase after that perfect luminous morning sky.

Lately I’ve found some of the most beautiful sunrises around water — ponds, rivers, even the Ohio and Erie Canal — because those bodies of water tend toward stillness in the early morning hours, offering amazing reflections. And I have been thinking for many weeks that I would like to see the sun rise over the lake at Silver Creek Metro Park.

Since I wanted to get several things done at home today, I decided a sunrise visit to Silver Creek would fulfill my need for a hike without taking me too far from home. I headed out before dawn and arrived just as the sky started to lighten.

Unfortunately for me, the sky contained layer after layer of clouds with only the tiniest of gaps for the light to peek through, so my sunrise photos ended up being monochromatic and definitely not my best work.

No sense in crying about it, though. Once the sky lightened a little more, I made my way to the Chippewa trailhead for a quiet 2-mile hike, enjoying the peace of the fall woods on a Sunday morning.


And wouldn’t you know it? Over halfway through the hike I came across the Piney Pond (just off the trail) and captured beautiful reflections in its still surface. Among those reflections, I found the pastel streaks in the sky as the clouds broke apart and let the morning light through.

I guess sometimes the sunrise chases me instead!




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