I Would Walk 500 Miles


Since I started using a walk-tracking app on my phone, I have seen great progress on my walking goals. I added a 10 mi/wk goal the second week of using the app, a 20 mi/wk goal in late August, and a 25 mi/wk goal earlier this month. And I have consistently hit my weekly goals, increasingly going over my target each week.

So it’s no surprise that I’ve racked up my total mileage pretty quickly, and on last evening’s walk, I not only tracked my 400th workout, I also logged mile 500. It took me a little over 6 months, but the miles have piled on in recent weeks.

And the more I walk, the more enthusiastic I get about walking more. My hiking buddy just chuckles at me when I ask, “Are you up for another trail?” or just “Up for a walk?” (He’s usually game.)

Of course, there’s a price to pay for all this walking. I’ve had to retire my old walking shoes and replace them with two pairs: one for general walks and one black slip-on pair for walking to work. To be fair, that old pair had a couple of years of walking on them already and were long overdue for replacement, and I have a sturdy pair of hiking shoes for more rugged trails. But still, maintenance and upgrades were needed!

I’ve also made significant progress on my hiking goals this fall: almost completing the SMP Spree (two hikes left!), visiting more Wayne County trails, and exploring new places in the CVNP. One of these days I will need to start thinking about some new hiking goals, especially as I’ve seen lots of beautiful photos on Instagram of places I’d like to explore.

And pretty soon, I’ll have walked 500 miles more!




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