Good Day at Goodyear


For our second Summit Metro Parks visit of the day — and our 9th SMP Spree hike — Keith and I headed south from Munroe Falls to Goodyear Heights Metro Park. We found the small parking area for the Alder Trail and headed down the path for an “easy” 1.4-mi hike.

Almost the first stop along the trail was Alder Pond, with its broad vista of cattails, trees decked out in fall colors, and a beautiful sky. We didn’t stay at the pond long enough to see if we could spot turtles or frogs, but it looked like a good place for local wildlife.

As the trail wound through the woods, we realized this was the most urban of all the Metro Parks we’ve visited to date: we could hear street noise and see through to a residential street just yards away. I hope those neighbors find or make the time to cross the road and hit the trail — what a treasure to have in your neighborhood!

The trail follows a big loop around Alder Pond, and as we stepped onto a boardwalk through the cattails, we looked up at the blue sky — and spotted an unusual airborne creature:


Yes, one of the Goodyear blimps or airships was taking advantage of the beautiful weather and cruising around its own neighborhood! No surprise, really, as the air dome is just a few miles west of this park. And yes, we thought it was highly appropriate to spot the Goodyear blimp at Goodyear Heights.

After that excitement, we settled back into a pattern of a largely silent hike through the woods, enjoying the peace, the light, and the sounds of the world around us. We crossed another trail (one that leads to the other part of the park) but followed our own path back to the parking area, happy to finish up this trail and head down the road in search of lunch.

Another good day of hiking!



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