Wandering Wood Hollow

wood hollow pond long color.jpg

If it’s Sunday, it must be time to head out for more SMP Spree hiking!

Keith mentioned to me this week that our favorite outdoor clothing/gear store, located over an hour north, up by Lake Erie, had a sale going on this weekend, and he suggested a trip there so he could buy new hiking shoes. No problem! So I found the two northernmost Summit Metro Parks and suggested we start the day by knocking two more Spree hikes off our list.

I’m ready to hike early in the morning, so I wanted to leave before dawn (again!) to arrive in Hudson as the sun was rising. Wood Hollow Metro Park, a very new addition (less than 10 years old) to the Summit Metro Parks, lies south of town, covers a relatively small acreage, and contains a mix of meadow, wetland, and woods.


We found the morning mist still rising from the pond as we started our hike under cool grey skies. The path alternated between grass, packed dirt, and the occasional wooden boardwalk in wetter areas. Beeches and maples dominate the woods, and at this time of year, the meadows glitter in the morning light with goldenrod, purple asters, thistles, teasels, and many other fall wildflowers.

We had the park to ourselves and enjoyed the quiet stroll through the woods, but I especially loved how the morning sunlight filtered through the trees and the mist to create a golden haze over the more open areas, still wet with dew. Beautiful!

And this was just a warm-up hike!


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