Living Ledges


Our second Spree hike for the day took us a little further north to Twinsburg and Liberty Park. I’ve been looking forward to exploring the Ledges Trail here based on photos I’ve seen of the ledges in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park: dramatic outcroppings of layered sandstone covered with mosses and looming above hiking trails. Cool!

After fortifying ourselves with tea and cookies and after grabbing hiking poles, Keith and I headed into the sun-dappled woods and almost immediately started our descent. We hadn’t gone too far before the path led us below the first ledges, clothed in what the park guides call a “living skin” of ferns, mosses, and lichens. Every bend in the trail offered new viewing angles of this series of ledges, each more interesting than the last.


Eventually we found the short connector trail to Glacier Cave, one of the sandstone formations that hikers are encouraged to explore. Up close, you can really get a deeper appreciation for how the sandstone layers formed but also how they have been scoured away by weather and glacial movements. Once you stand inside, the walls rise at least 30 feet or more above you, and every shape, angle, gap, and shadow had me exclaiming, “This is so cool!”

The trail winds down to wetlands, following a wooden boardwalk past a very swampy area and back through the woods. And after a short climb, we re-emerged near the new nature center, ready for another tea and cookie break.

This is one park I definitely want to visit again and again!


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