Sunset at Oak Hill


Since I’m a die-hard morning person, by profession as well as by inclination, I rarely see a sunset, especially when days are long. But now that the autumnal equinox has passed and the sun sets earlier, I have found that on occasion I am still awake and able to watch the changes in the sky.

Despite my usual extremely early hours for market baking this morning, I still had plenty of energy as evening arrived, and I wanted to take a nice, long, relaxing walk before bedtime. While I could have enjoyed a pleasant stroll around the neighborhood, I realized that I had never walked the Oak Hill trail in the evening. And with its wide-open vista of the western sky, I knew it would be a great place to watch the sunset.

The trees are barely starting to turn around here, but the wildflowers at Oak Hill — predominantly goldenrod and grasses now, with Queen Anne’s lace faded to brown, and purple and white asters adding little punches of color — have plenty of autumnal hues to paint the landscape. Add a setting sun in a cloudless sky, and you end up with fields of gold and green to frame your walk.

Due to the lack of clouds, the sunset ended up being more subtle than spectacular, but the quiet, calm atmosphere of the park made it a restful place to end the work week.

Fall is on the way!


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