Falling for Blue Hen Falls


Since driving to the Akron area takes a while (an hour or more for most of the hikes on my list), my plan is to pair up Spree hikes so as not to travel as much. And if we can add other hikes to our outings, all the better!

Once we had finished our Spree hikes for the morning and had a light but protein-packed lunch, I asked Keith if was up for one more hike. Like me, he was ready for another short trail, and I had one in mind: the trail to Blue Hen Falls in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

I love waterfalls, and I always have. From the enormity of Niagara Falls to even the smallest current flowing over small rocks in a stream, I’m fascinated by how the water flows and sounds and catches light and goes on endlessly.

I’ve never visited this particular waterfall before, but the photos I’ve seen are very picturesque, and since we had a good rainfall yesterday, I expected the flow over the falls would be well worth seeing.

I was not wrong.

The very short trail leads down a hill, across a bridge, and through the woods to an overlook near the top of the falls. Several enthusiastic kids and photographers managed to climb the rest of the way down to the stream in order to play in the pools below the falls or to get a closer look. I was awfully tempted to do the same but decided not to venture further today. Sometime, though, I’d like to climb down and explore a little more. It looks like fun.

Just a brief hike and visit, but this little gem of a waterfall had enough to convince me that it’s worth visiting more often and in all seasons. So I’ll be back!


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