Walking the Labyrinth


For many years now, I’ve been fascinated by labyrinths, especially as a means for meditative walking. A friend introduced them to me more than a dozen years ago, and while I don’t often have the opportunity to walk a labyrinth, I do know the quiet location of one here in town and like to visit every so often for a chance to get back in tune with myself.

This little prose poem I wrote over 10 years ago to share with my labyrinth-loving friend probably sums it up best:

Stepping Into the Circle

Here I am, ready to take the first step on a journey I’m only beginning to understand. Where does it lead? What twists and turns will I take? What is the path that is mine to follow?

I breathe and step in, following the path slowly, attentively, listening to the world within for that small, still voice.

The path runs smoothly, and then turns abruptly, forcing me to face the direction from which I’ve come. What does it mean? I thought I had left that part of the journey behind, and now I have to confront it again? 

Time and again, the path leads me onward, inward. Sometimes it takes me far from where I began, and just when I thought I had strayed too far, I return to a familiar point. And yet, it isn’t so familiar after all because I’m one step closer to the heart of the journey, wherever that may be.

All I can do is follow the path in faith, hoping, believing that all will be made clear when I reach the center.

More twists and turns that show me that no matter what choices I make, still I am led onward. Though not of my making, the path is mine to follow, and each step leads me closer to my own truth. Everything I have learned and seen along the way makes more sense now. What I have looked for is within my reach, and with a few more turns, I’ll be there.

Another turn, another chance to face where I began, another moment of grace and understanding, one more turn…

And I am there.

I step into the circle.

And I am home.

–jm, 2005

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