Sunrise at Oak Hill


I know that as I get older, I don’t withstand the extreme temperatures as well as I did in my younger days. And this summer has been, for me, brutally hot and humid, forcing me to use air conditioning way more than I ever have before. (And I lived in Atlanta for five years!)

Surprisingly, though, I haven’t let these awful high temps curb my walking goals too much. The high humidity in the morning has sometimes made it harder for me to breathe when I walk, but it has been much easier to accomplish a longer walk in the morning than to get out for even a loop around the block when it’s 89F and painfully sunny at 6 PM.

So I’ve been trying to get out to Oak Hill Park one morning a week, arriving after the first light hits the sky but before the official sunrise. The morning humidity often creates patches of fog, chilly and damp, over the lowest sections of the park, but they don’t last long and can create some beautiful views.

Once in a rare while, though — like this morning — the air remains clear, and as the sun slowly peeks over the horizon and I pass the halfway point of my hike, I’m rewarded with a glorious, luminous sunrise featuring an ever-shifting palette of softly vibrant colors.

That makes it all worth it.


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