The Paths Now Taken


I love taking photographs of paths. I’m intrigued by where they lead — I like exploring new places — and I’m fascinated by how much they choose to reveal.

In some places, like Stan Hywet, pathways follow a straight, line-of-sight trajectory that points and narrows into the distance. For some garden architecture, that simply makes sense: grapevines tend to be planted in neat rows, an avenue of birch trees draws the eyes from one location to another, flower beds laid out in squares are more easily tended from regularly-placed paths.

But in other gardens, on woodland trails, in life itself — paths can curve and wind and loop and meander. Who knows what might appear on the other side of that hill, around that tree, over that wall? That question can instill fear and uncertainty, of course, but it also contains the thrill of exploring, the anticipation of an adventure.

I feel like I’m at one of those well-camouflaged turns in the road now. I’m enjoying the walk, enjoying the view, but not really sure what awaits me around the bend or over the hill. But I have the sense that grand adventures are just ahead, something new and wonderful and exciting.

Over on Instagram, I’ve found lots of photos of nearby parks and other natural places to explore, and I’ve been drinking them all in, taking notes, finding new people to follow, making plans for future hikes and explorations. And as I’ve encountered many Scotland-oriented Instagram accounts as well, I feel a growing urge to return there for another vacation, so I’m picking up lots of great ideas and thinking up dream itineraries.

I’m looking forward to where these paths might lead!


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