New Perspectives


Getting out to walk more often and in different areas, as well as reviving my long-forgotten interest in photography, has caused me to open my eyes and mind and try to look at the world around me in different ways.

Sometimes that has meant changing my perspective through the camera lens, finding an unfamiliar view of a familiar object (like the county courthouse shown above) or re-training my eyes to pay attention to light and shadows and detail and patterns. It’s a lot of fun, even when the photos I take only point out to me how much I still have to learn.

I’m also starting to change my perspective on myself. I have logged about 200 miles on my phone’s walk tracking app since I installed it in April, and I have noticed lately that I do not notice distance or hills nearly as much when I walk now. Obviously I’ve increased stamina and leg strength, and I find myself almost craving a good long walk at times.

As I’ve journeyed through this year so far — letting go of material things and mental attitudes, checking goals off my to-do list — I’ve managed to reclaim and reframe my life. The “after” list (things I needed or wanted to do after my father died) is completed, so it’s time for me to daydream about what might be next in life, what to explore and experience next. What goals or dreams can I place in the path ahead of myself to keep me growing?

And how can I continue to change my perspective, to get a fresh look at life?


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