Roses in Bloom


I read something this past week that has me rethinking my approach to personal fitness. The author suggested that instead of setting short-term weight-loss goals, one should look further ahead and imagine the kind of elder one wants to become — and then make the changes that lead in that direction.

Since I have long struggled with weight and self-image issues, and I knew I didn’t want to spend my later years with impaired mobility as my mother did, this was a revolutionary way for me to consider my health and fitness. I can pat myself on the back for hitting daily and weekly walking goals, but I can also embrace the attitude that walking nurtures me body and soul and keeps me moving into a healthful maturity.

To be specific, as I age, I want to:

  • continue to stand tall and strong
  • walk with confidence and grace
  • walk daily and enjoy the world around me
  • continue encouraging my flexibility
  • dance often
  • be able to carry weight (especially in my pack)
  • live simply but comfortably and joyfully

Really, I’m on the right path already and want to continue enjoying a life much like I have now!

So it seemed fitting that today’s afternoon adventure took me (along with one of my closest friends) to a favorite local spot: Secrest Arboretum, at the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (OARDC) of OSU. We wandered through the gardens and took a nice long stroll to the end of the road, but we ended up wandering back through the Garden of Roses of Legend and Romance.

This garden, established in 1970, features rose varieties mentioned in literature and other sources and grown around the world. At this time of year, of course, the garden unfolds in a rich tapestry of color and fragrance, enough to dizzy the casual visitor (much less the nectar-drunk bee!). So it was a delight to explore, find some of my favorites (like the Apothecary’s Rose), and just enjoy the day.

Perhaps the roses aren’t the only ones blooming these days?


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