Running Away From Home


My walking expeditions around the neighborhood this spring have given me lots of little vacations from my workaday life. But I confess, I got spoiled last year with two weeks in Scotland before the start of the farmers’ market season, and after an exhausting winter of dealing with my father’s estate and my own grief, I wanted a chance to get away again.

I didn’t travel nearly as far this year, choosing instead to drive northwest to Ann Arbor, Michigan, to visit a couple of dear friends. I spent a peaceful afternoon yesterday with Emily and her husband Scott, exploring their home in “the fen,” talking, laughing, and enjoying good food and drink. And today I plan to meet up with Ash for lunch and a good long chat.

But I didn’t want to give up my walking routine on vacation, so I left my hotel very early this morning, followed Emily’s directions for walking a couple blocks across campus, and entered Nichols Arboretum for a quiet hike.

From the entrance, this arboretum appears vastly different from the one back at home, with its sprawling gardens and assorted tree research areas spread across fields. Nichols Arboretum has lovely gardens at the entrance but quickly changes to wooded paths winding up and down hills and eventually ending up along the Huron River. It makes a striking contrast to the urban University of Michigan campus right next to it!

Unprepared for the numerous trails winding through the Arb, I explored only a little ways down the path before returning to my hotel. I hope to explore more tomorrow before heading home!


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