Off the Beaten Path

Though I've decreased the amount of travel for hiking I've been doing lately, I still have a couple of hiking goals on my 50x50 list (to be completed by my 50th birthday this summer). So this week I invited a hiking friend to join me in going a little bit off the map. I had … Continue reading Off the Beaten Path

California, Day 3: Island Life

For my final day in California, we had plans for something completely different. One of the other national parks near and dear to my friend's heart lies off the coast from Los Angeles: Channel Islands National Park. We drove to Ventura and found both the visitors center for the park and the marina from which … Continue reading California, Day 3: Island Life

California, Day 2: Rock and Roll

For my second day of travel and hiking in California, Linda had originally planned to take me to Yosemite National Park. But after keeping an eye on the weather and the problems caused by the government shutdown, she decided to introduce me to one of her favorite places instead. I can't say I was broken-hearted. … Continue reading California, Day 2: Rock and Roll